Monday, August 6, 2012


Amazing -     How can we the human race, manage to form a team of creative individuals who worked together to do the immense mathematical calculations, engineering, electronics, construction and launching of a robot vehicle precisely timed to arrive at another planet in it's own orbit, millions of kilometres away 
. . . manage to also promote violence, greed, intolerant religiosity, and taking advantage of vulnerable children with a mockery of empathy and 'treatment' by the lowest bidder?  We all as humans are more similar than dis-similar, no matter how we experience 'God' or how our culture is different;  we all have to share this world. 

Nonetheless, I was almost brought to tears as I watched and re-re-watched the footage of the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) team celebrating their joint achievement. I needed to see that there may be some hope for us, after-all.

Someday, I really want to look back at my own 'team' of dissociated emotions, images and unique perspectives and celebrate my own team's brilliance and amazing accomplishments.  Anyone with Trauma/Dissociative Symptoms has damn well worked hard enough for us to celebrate our resilience and our own 'engineering' achievements. 

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