Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Space: The Final Frontier

In the past few days, my Wifey and stepDaughter have been out of town. And I've had some time to myself off from work.  

S P A C E 
  • Space to walk around the house and converse out loud with all my parts. 
  • Space to get Dolphin out of the trunk of my car so Little-J can see him.
  • Space to let Zen sort together more of what my parts thoughts and feelings mean in the big picture of my healing.
  • Space to let Jeff make Blueberry pancakes w/ whipped cream, watch Japanese Anime and highlights of the Olympic swimming.
  • Space to leave the seat up ... a special privilege which any guy who lives in a house of females can understand  :) 
  • Space to be a total geek and let Dr-J have some time to watch endless Netflix and YouTube videos on TED talks, Antarctic Ice Melting, Dolphin Behavior, Electric Cars, Extra-Solar-Earth-Like Planets, Algorithms and Massive Ocean-Crossing Container Ships.
  • Space to let Chris turn out all the lights in the house and watch a Deadmau5 concert and let Montreal have a "Doggie Dance-Party" w/out enduring my stepDaughter's teenaged eye-rolls at how lame and embarrassing I am, or my wifey's odd looks about how I am such a poor dancer [its true, I dance like I'm having a seizure, but I can accept that, why can't anyone else]. I'm listening to Tiesto music as I type this. And bopping around in my chair.
  • Space to walk around, look at the wedding & family pictures in our house and appreciate out loud how much I love and am grateful for my family. 
  • Space to eat Chips-&-Salsa with breakfast.
  • Space to let Mature-J vacuum out, wash & wax my car.
  • Space to let Jeff pace around the house w/out Wifey asking "Did you take your [ADHD] medicine today?"
  • Space to get a six-pack of Hardees/Red-Buritto tacos and enjoy them w/ a  beer for lunch.
  • Space to let Montreal enjoy that looking up at the surface of the water from upside down moment as I do flip turns in the pool. 
God knows I have needed this SPACE for months and I could use a few more days of it. My father-in-law is losing his battle w/ cancer and Wifey is naturally very upset. So I feel like I've needed to drink-in this time because once my beloved family returns. I will need to be a strong support for Wifey, and I say that w/ a spirit of empathy and responsibility. Time to get back to my list of cleaning up things before Wifey and stepDaughter arrive back home. I Love them so, so much. And although the moment will be somber when they arrive, I am looking forward to hugging and supporting Wifey.

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