Monday, July 30, 2012

Quick Summary of Therapy Today

Therapy today:
  • I discussed more of the conversations and insights I am gaining from my parts and clarified more about some of my parts which have been telling me about themselves.  
  • There was more discussion of the culture of my parents' church which I attended as a child and how the church was such a catalyst for dissociation when things were so surreal there.
  • My therapist discussed more about how I don't seem ready to acknowledge yet how everything I have been through is an impactful story.
  • I discussed how my focus has been more on accepting myself as having parts and being 'gentler' (therapist's term) with them.
  • And I agreed how I really am not ready yet to delve into her astonishment that I have managed to function so well for so long ... bc  ...
    • I want to get my 'team' working together, first
    • I don't want to just open up a part and then have to abruptly reground myself to be able to safely drive home
    • Am I ready to accept that I really am pretty damn amazing but that being amazing was in the contrast of some very uncomfortable images, body feelings and emotions. 


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